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07 Maggio

One-day-workshop by the sea

Marina Romea (Ravenna, Italy) – Friday June 15 – 9:30/17.00


Publishing your book in the time of ebooks

Tools and technologies for writers

A full immersion day in the tricks of the trade, to publish and promote your work, at Bagno Bocabarranca, an awesome spot right on the beach.

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From quill pen to Amazon: the tools to write and publish

Which tools and technologies can authors exploit nowadays? Since humankind began communicating with written words, a journey has started, to improve the technical tools for writing and to widespread it. Something is changing. Someone is even saying that “the task of publishing is coming to an end”. We do not know this. Yet we know that with the appropriate tools, an author might be able to influence each single step of his creative activity. The aim of this full immersion workshop is to make them available to all participants.

Self-publishing and the art of happiness

Those who have experience it, know what we are talking about: an author self-publishing his own work is a happy one (if you are not convinced, read  Alison Baverstock’s opinion about – she is both author and publisher and a key analyst in this field). With self-publishing, today you can reach readers everywhere around the world, using your creativity and your time. Only if you are aware of the right tools, that we as self-publishers use everyday and that we get satisfaction from.O ne after the other, you will get to know them during the workshop.

Digital book and ebooks, but what about paper books?

Self-publishing is not just digital books. Ebooks are an excellent way of distribution, but self-publishing your work is not necessarily limited to that. Print-on-demand is an alternative that can be taken into consideration and which enables to have a number of copies printed at an affordable price and then to sell them direclty on the market, without losing money and why not, gaining some. We will go deeper into these issues during the day.

A full immersion worksho to ask all your questions
and get all the answers

In order to answer all the questions that we receive from writers, we have organized a full immersion workshop, to share all the techniques and tools which are at the basis of self-publishing. We chose the awesome venue of Bagno Bocabarranca, a resort right on the beach, fully equipped (also in the unlucky event of a rainy day).


1. To publish your work everywhere

Piotr Kowalczyk - Password Incorrect

Piotr Kowalczyk

Nowadays an author can easily have access to the global market of books, without going through the many filters of traditional publishing houses. How? When can this be done? What aspects are to be taken care of? Piotr Kowalczyk, a renowned mentor of international self-publishing and Sergio Covelli, the most experienced italian self-publisher in the fields of new dital publishing and book-applied guerrilla marketing, will tell us about this.

2. To make your work known

Mauro Sandrini - Autore de "L'elogio degli e-book. Manifesto dell'autopubblicazione"

Mauro Sandrini

Although purists, who do not care about material goods, may consider it an heresy, the most important activity an author may carry out is the promotion of himself and of his own work.  Self-publishing is changing the meaning of the promotion of the work, as it is no longer appointed to the Publishing house responsibility The author must now take on himself the responsibility (also the ethic aspects) of the promotion and meet the readers personally.  How can one do that in practice?  Mauro Sandrini will explain how his book dedicated to ebooks has become a best seller in this field and has also been reviewed on papers such as Corriere della Sera, Venerdì di Repubblica and others.  With specific methods and the right tools, the author can reach the readers in a new way and make the most out of it, to develop his future work.

3. To build up your book in practice

Sergio Covelli

How do I – practically – create my own ebook? As a self-publisher there are some skills you must have. It is crucial to the final result of your work. You cannot think of spending months or years in writing your work, and then let aside those important details which may capture the readers and make them appreciate the quality of your work.  As an author, you should be at ease with  all the technical aspects, learn what  ePub, XML, CSS are, and know the basis at least . They are neither obscure nor unapproachable tools.

Sergio Covelli will deal with the above technical aspects of conversion,  Not only a renowned self-publisher, Sergio is also the promoter of a start-up aimed to make technicalities as easy and accessible as possible to authors and publishers.

4. To have your book get to your readers

Stefano Tura

Stefano Tura

A well converted book is not ready yet for readers. There is still a work of editing and review to improve it: a book is not a published manuscript and the author shall fully become a self-Publisher, by getting acquainted with the mechanisms of publishing and the adequate programs.

Once the work is finished, how can it be made available in online bookshops, in Italy and abroad? How can it be placed, in practice, on Amazon, iTunes or IBS’s bookshelves, and most of all, how can one be sure to make it right? This issue is crucial for any self-publisher: what steps to follow and whom to ask assistance for if anything is not working as it should?

Stefano Tura is going to help us through this. He is focusing on new projects for ebooks distribution. His point of view is not that of the IT man, rather the author’s, exactly like those he supports in his international editorial work.



It will cost you as a picnic day into the country…

Popular prices (STARTING FROM 60€). Even more if you apply before May 21. You will surely find other ebook publishing workshops – at higher prices- but none of them consider the point of view of  those who wish to self-publish. We do not want our website to show what this or that author may have published about the issue. We want to see our works at the side of  the most renownes authors’ works. With this purpose we will look at the technical and strategic aspects. We do not tell you what you should do in theory, we show you what we do in practice.





La comunità degli autori e dei lettori liberi
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